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[filmscanners] Topic: SS4000 again

Arthur Entlich <artistic-1@shaw.ca> wrote:
>Not having lived to talk about it ;-)
>Are you getting halos around bright areas?
>Why do you think it needs cleaning?

Because I had the case open to blow dust out of the stupid carrier sensor
and had a look through to the CCD - or perhaps the mirror.  I'm not au fait
enough with the guts of the unit to know whether what I was seeing was the
mirror or the CCD.  If the former, the design is slightly smarter than it
looked because it would mean that the CCD wasn't facing up and collecting
dust.  On the other hand, I don't know why *any* of the light detecting
system is arranged to collect dust - including the carrier sensor and the
mirror (if that's what I was looking at).

The users were complaining that it wouldn't focus.  I figure that after
2 years of collecting dust it probably is dirty enough to affect the autofocus

Johnny Johnson <jjohnso4@comcast.net> wrote:
>The following was posted in January of '03 on this List by Thomas Maugham:

Thanks for the info.  I still don't like the idea of using a 1000KPa air
stream to blow the dust off a high resolution optical device.  It's more
likely to damage it than clean it.  I'm equally dubious about taking 
for sticking lens cleaning tissue into the unit with alcohol (which may
affect lens coatings) or any other sort of lens cleaning fluid on it.  Since
I'm told that the ICU has plenty of money, they can pay to send it to the
vendor for maintenance.

But I do appreciate the info for future reference. :)


How do you know if you never try?
(Rob Geraghty 25 June 2002)

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