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[filmscanners] RE: VueScan/SS4000/Portra 400UC problem "solved"

Well, I finally had the opportunity to try this and it only worked
partially (got me about half way there). I still had to resort to
quitting VueScan and then restarting it. Then it previewed beautifully.
Another thing that happens periodically is VueScan changes the Media
type without warning from "Color negative" to "Slide film", and then of
course the registration as well as the contrast is all screwed up. The
only way I can fix this is to turn the SS4000 on and off. Once VueScan
has decided the Portra 400UC is slide film, I can't change its mind
without power cycling the SS4000.

Frank Paris

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> From: filmscanners_owner@halftone.co.uk
> [mailto:filmscanners_owner@halftone.co.uk] On Behalf Of Conor Twomey
> Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2003 12:31 AM
> To: frankparis@comcast.net
> Subject: [filmscanners] RE: VueScan/SS4000/Portra 400UC
> problem "solved"
> Frank Paris wrote:
> A few weeks ago I reported a problem I was having with the
> combination of VueScan, the SS4000 and Kodak Portra 400UC. I
> reported that 75% of the time I got a great, contrasty
> preview but that 25% of the time I got a very low contrast
> preview that I could never get quite right in Photoshop.
> After some experimenting, I determined that when I got the
> low contrast preview, all I had to do to correct the problem
> was to quit and restart VueScan. I wonder if some aspect of
> my tired old SS4000 is is going out of whack and when I
> restart VueScan it resets the SS4000 back to an initial state
> from which it behaves properly again? I do not have to power
> cycle the SS4000.
> Hi Frank,
> I had the same problem with Portra 160UC last night. All I
> did was select lock exposure and clicked on Preview again and
> the problem was solved.
> By the way this was using a Canon FS4000US.
> Kind regards,
> Conor Twomey.

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