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[filmscanners] Re: Scanner profile builder

On Mon, Aug 12, 2002 at 11:01:05PM -0400, Julian Vrieslander wrote:
> On 8/12/02 10:16 PM, "Tony Terlecki" <ajt@mrps.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> > Firstly any scanner profiling software will probably produce a similar
> > result - basically they all function by scanning an IT8 target and build a
> > profile from that. I have done this with EZColor and the results are an
> > improvement over what I can get with the NikonScan software.
> Doesn't the Nikon Scan software install scanner profiles?  On my system (Mac
> OS X), I have a bunch of files with names like
> NKLS4000LS40_*****.icm

I looked at these but was highly unimpressed. When you use profiles you need
to scan consistently - i.e. trun off all autoexposure settings in the scanner
or anything else than can be variable across scans. Knowing which settings
were where with these supplied profiles is impossible to tell. It is best to
start again from scratch.

> I have read about workflows where you scan with Nikon Color Management
> turned off, import the scans into Photoshop, and then assign one of the
> Nikon profiles to the image.  I think I tried this out once, but now I am
> mostly using VueScan, which has its own built-in profiles for supported
> scanners.

Nikon doesn't have proper ICC colour management in its scanning software so
any profile you make will have to be applied afterwards in Photoshop or
another ICC compliant program.

I don't think Vuescan has built in profiles for each scanner. That would be
very difficult to do without a reference chart. Yes it has film profiles which
helps manage colour with negative colour film but that is something else

> If you build your own scanner profile, is it likely to be better than the
> ones provided by Nikon?

Yes much, much better!

Tony Terlecki
Running Debian/GNU 3.0 Linux

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