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[filmscanners] Re: Help with purchasing decision?


This site has a lot of info:




torsdagen den 8 augusti 2002 06.44 skrev du:
> Hi, I've just joined the list, so I'm sorry if any ot these have been
> discussed before, I haven't yet noticed a way to search archives.
> I'm trying to make a decision on purchasing a film scanner and would
> like to move ahead very soon.
> Price is an issue for me, or I would already have purchased a Minolta
> Multi Pro even if I don't really need the medium format capability.
> My choices seem to be between the Minolta Scan Elite ll and the Microtek
> Artixscan 4000tf, though I suppose I could also go for the Nikon 4000
> from e-bay.
> The Minolta is 2820 dpi but will output a full 16 bits and claims 4.8
> dynamic range, the Minolta software seems to get good notice and they
> include ICE 3 the lens also seems to be superior. The Microtek is 4000
> dpi, claims a 4.2 (or 4.3) dynamic range, ships with Silverfast AI 5.5
> and a full version of GF Print Pro.
> I'm on a Mac platform, currently OS 9 but I anticipate this will change
> soon to OS X.
> Checking samples of the old Polaroid SS 4000 against the Nikon LS 4000 I
> think actually that I prefer the shadow detail of the Polaroid over the
> Nikon, though the Nikon does seem sharper. I say this since Microtek, as
> far as i know, actually made the Polaroid.
> I'm in a quandary. I anticipate that I will need to crop,  and will want
> to crop severely at times, so the resolution is important, Silverfast
> always gets excellent note, and Print Pro seems very interesting though
> probably isn't quite as good as its made to seem. But the lens quality
> and bandwidth of the Minolta are very attractive, and ICE 3 would I'm
> sure be helpful at times even if i think I'd prefer to spot "manually".
> The Microtek is fairly new and i haven't seen any reviews. I'm concerned
> with lens quality_sharpness, and also with any possible issues on a Mac.
> Has anyone used either of these scanners? has anyone seen an in depth
> review of the Artixscan 4000tf? Can anyone chime in on what they think
> would be best to go for, and why? keeping in mind that though I wasn't
> very sold from samples of the Nikon LS 4000 in terms of shadow detail,
> and there seemed to be a good amount of color fringing on some of the
> resolution target images, and I'm wary of reports of poor edge to edge
> sharpness, and i'd rather purchase from a store/online retailer, I still
> don't consider the LS 4000 to be definitely out of the picture.
> Sorry for the meandering long-winded post, and thanks for any help you
> can offer.
> Michael O
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