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[filmscanners] Re: Nikon LS4000 Depth of field

I wrote

> > Firstly, does the setting of focus point in this way work for 100% of
> > shots or are badly bowed slides still compromised?

Tony Terlecki replied:

> No it doesn't because film can be bowed differently depending on the mount,
> etc. You personally need to find how far from the focus plane is acceptable
> for you and then take it from there. I sample various points on the film and
> then make a decision. It's time intensive but by far the best method. I
> also now do my best to ensure film is flat before scanning - I don't mount
> film anymore and also try and flatten it out prior to scanning (weighting it
> under books etc.). If all else fails then I cut the frame from the strip and
> mount on a glass mount.


Thanks for your input.  I don't think remounting the slides is an option for me 
- a lot of
them are my wife's and she doesn't trust my dexterity enough (probably rightly 

I guess I'm not surprised that positioning the focus point in a single position 
isn't a totally
effective fix - if it were Nikon would have incorporated it into Nikonscan.

It would just gall me to spend that much on a scanner and still have to worry 
focus.  (I cut my teeth on a Minolta Elite which had fixed focus and yet was 
sharp over
the whole frame.)

Al Bond

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