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[filmscanners] Re: Where can I actually *buy* an Nikon 8000ED?

>> I haven't heard of many people returning the Polaroids for the LS-8000
Nikons, but maybe you can provide that for us.  I know that several have
made the opposite choice, however.  Maybe they are all just stupid.
I'm pleased for you that you have chosen to put up with a product that
has known design defects which haven't been corrected, by a company that
denied the problem even existed, at first. <<

I had a chance to try out several scanners before making my purchase. I was
aware of the potential for banding issues with the Nikon, but in actual use
they haven't been a problem for me. My sole guide to choosing a product was
the quality of the resulting scan. If this means using superfine mode once
in a while, or using a glass carrier for the occasional warped film, then
yes, I can put up with the "known defects", as long as I'm getting good

I recently spoke to my dealer about the Minolta Pro. It wasn't available at
the time I made my purchase, but I was curious about it. If it proved to be
better than the 8000, I'd have no problems selling it and getting the
Minolta. The main problem with the Minolta, as it turns out, is excessive
grain from neg scans, and this for me killed the deal.

The Polaroid wasn't as sharp as the Nikon, and the carriers cropped too much
of the frame, as well as giving weird edge reflections, requiring even
further cropping. Even if the Polaroid was as good as the Nikon, I wouldn't
choose it unless it also included ICE.

There are reasons why an individual would choose one scanner over the other.
I still suggest that people try each scanner out themselves, if they can,
and base their purchase decisions on their results, rather than listening to
the opinions of armchair experts who haven't even used the products in

You have a definite bias against Nikon, which is fine by me. At least you're
open about it. However, you should be more forthcoming about the fact that
Polaroid has been providing you with a scanner, and that this may bias your
opinion towards their products.

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