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[filmscanners] SONY GDM Monitors (was CRTs vs LCDs)

To the list --

I have a SONY GDM-F500R -- the previous version of the CRT under 
discussion. I originally had a SONY GDM-F500 (no "R") which failed. It 
periodically made a snapping noise and blanked the image. I returned it to 
SONY but their warranty repair did not fix the problem. I returned it 
again, and they gave me a GDM-F500R which suffered trapezoidal distortion 
that could not be adjusted out. I returned that unit which they replaced 
with a satisfactory GDM-F500R. This unit has provided good service for 
approximately six months.

These CRTs have a wonderfully sharp display, separate gain and bias 
adjustments for the three guns, more than enough brightness for PhotoCal 
calibration, great color stability, and I like the way they look too. I 
only wish I had more faith in SONY reliability and service.

One more thing concerning resolution: an earlier version of my Matrox 
driver offered what I thought the optimal resolution of 1152864 pixels at 
75 Hz. The latest versions of the Matrox driver provide an even more 
optimal resolution of 1280960 pixels at 85 Hz. This is much superior to 
the more common 12801024 (also provided) since it matches the actual 
aspect ratio of the monitor -- completely filling the display and not 
distorting the image. The Matrox driver lets you set resolutions for the 
GDM-F500R all the way up to 20481536, but I think this an entirely 
unusable option.

I hope this is useful information.

-- Victor Landweber

At 04:59 PM 1/17/2002 -0500, you wrote:

>On 1/17/02 9:26 AM, Dave King <kingphoto@mindspring.com>, wrote:
> >I'm assuming you researched the CRT situation before buying the Sony
> >GMD-F520.  Do you know if it has individually adjustable guns?
>Yes.  Individually adjustable gain and bias for each gun.
> >Is it a good performance/price ratio?
>No.  I suspect it is overpriced relative to comparable products from
>other vendors.  We bought our GDM-F520 as part of a large order including
>other equipment, so our vendor was able to knock the price down some.
>But if you want a big tube and price is an issue, look at the Mitsubishi
>Diamond Pro 2060U (or whatever the current equivalent is).  When I was
>searching the web for recommendations, I found several favorable comments
>about that model and its predecessor, the 2040.  You might also consider
>the Sony CPD-G520.  In MacWorld's 2/2002 comparison review of monitors,
>they named the GDM-F520 as the best performing 21" CRT, but the CPD-G520
>was judged the best value.  Note, however, that they did not include any
>Mitsu in the comparisons for that group.
>There are certainly other excellent CRTs, and if you search the net, you
>will find lots of opinions.  When I was doing that, I encountered more
>reports of problems with Sony CRTs than some of the other brands.  But
>it's hard to draw conclusions from anecdotal reports.  Perhaps the
>frequency of bad reports on Sonys is partly due to the fact that they
>ship more branded monitors than the other companies.
>Julian Vrieslander <mailto:julianv@mindspring.com>
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