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[filmscanners] relocation to US

  • To: lexa@www.lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] relocation to US
  • From: "Alex Zabrovsky" <alexz@zoran.co.il>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 13:00:31 +0200
  • Importance: Normal
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Hi List.
This query relates to our US-based friends, especially those living in
There are chances I'll have to relocate to US on behalf of my company
to work in the Corporation in Santa Clara. The whole process of working out
the necessary papers should take about a months, afterwards I'll have to
leave to there with my family (my wife is pregnant at 6 month right now).
Of course I'll be given a new contract during next week which will describe
all the conditions including salary and any other aspects related to that.
Although having chance of visiting that area in the past for business I have
no idea about living reality in US and in the area I mentioned particularly.
I would be grateful to any of you living there to help me out explaining how
the things are going there...
I'll be interested to know average salaries in high-tech industry in our
difficult times (lets' say for hardware technical engineering stuff, junior
hardware engineers).
What other social benefits these personnel is usually eligible ?
(health insurance ? retirement savings ? life insurance ?
and/or others ?)
What is the average expense for apartment rent per month in the area of
Silicon Valley ? (I've heard there are options to find apartments for rent
in so-called Corporate building or something like that - several
3-4 floors buildings with shared pool and/or others common benefits)
What are the cities around there recommended to such kind of living
(not very far from Santa Clara, quite affordable area ) ?
(For example the soon-to-be boss of mine there (in case I'll relocate, of
course) lives in Cupertino, is it good ? However I assume this is expensive
area to live there )

How to raise the child there ? I mean how long is the after-birth vacation
for the mother ? (I've heard is lasts not longer than 1 month)
There are chances also that my wife will be able to arrange relocation to
that area also since there are few branches of the company she works now and
several opening are still available for the people of her kind.
That leads me to next question;
Should I expect difficulties in finding babysitter for small child ?
What is the average monthly expense for such babysitter ?

Is it common there to rent an apartments with full furniture (including
fully equipped kitchen) or in most case empty apartments
are available for rent ?

What is average price for family cars (new and 2-3 years old second hand in
good condition) ?

I would prefer to correspond privately not to clatter the List.

Thank you in advance,

Alex Z

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