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[filmscanners] Re: Trashing Adobe Gamma

In addition to  removing  adobe gamma loader.exe from the startup
folder, there is a useful tip in
_Real_World_Photoshop_6_ by Blatner and Fraser
starting on page 143. For users of Win98, NT4 and Win2000
they describe where to go in the registry to determine what monitor
profile is loaded and how to edit the registry to assure that the
user's desired monitor profile is loaded. I use this when I want to
make dead certain what monitor profile is getting loaded.
In regedit go to the key:
clicking on Monitor 0 or 1 (depending on which you are using)
will bring up a few items. One of these is 'monitor profile' and
should give the path and file name to the icc profile for your
monitor that is being loaded. On my machine that is:
This is the name that I gave my most recent PhotoCal generated
monitor profile and is what gets loaded when booting the machine.

At 07:28 PM 12/26/01 -0500, Larry Berman wrote:
>Or just take the shortcut out of the StartUp folder.
>C/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/StartUp
> >To just disable it from running when the computer is booted, go to
> >Programs - Accessories - system tools - system information. Select the
> >Tools tab, select System Config. Utility, then the Start Up tab. Untick
> >Adobe Gamma Loader.exe.
> >
> >The file Adobe Gamma Loader.exe is in Program Files\Common
> >Files\Adobe\Calibration folder, if you want to delete it. You might want
> >it again one day though.
>Larry Berman
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