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[filmscanners] Re: Discussion list for Polaroid 4000

Very simply put, there are only three reasons I can think of for not
buying the SS4000.

1) If you have badly damaged images that have a lot of scratches or
surface damage, the SS4000 will not currently clean them up as simply as
will dICE cube.  I say currently, because the possibility exists some
software solutions might be in the works.  I do not want to imply that
the SS4000 amplifies surface damages or dust, it does not, in fact, it
diminishes those things relative to other scanners (Minoltas and Nikons
without using dICE, as examples)

2) You are doing a lot of negative scans and your coordination is
somewhat impaired.  The SS4000 scanner uses, what, in my opinion, is a
poor negative holder design.  It is somewhat awkward to load.  I am
hoping Polaroid hears those of us who have ranted about this, and offers
a redesign.  Some of us have given them several pointers in how to fix
this.  It is usable, but it could be much better.

PS: the slide carrier is a dream to load, in contrast.

3) As you likely know, Polaroid is in Chapter 11 protection, meaning the
company's future is not known.  They are apparently seriously seeking
out buyers.  However, if you are concerned about future support,
repairs, etc, although the Polaroid SS4000 is made by Microtek, and
probably could be repaired through their services if push came to shove,
should Polaroid be sold and the new company choose not to take on the
warranties, repairs could be somewhat costly.  This scenario is NOT
likely to happen for a number of reasons, however (below).

a) Polaroid SS4000 have a very low breakdown rate compared to other
scanners, so the liability is not high for whomever takes on their
product line.

b) If the scanner is going to show a defect, it would likely do so very
soon after purchase, and you might still have options from the vendor
(exchange).  I would recommend you put it through the paces as soon as
you get it for extra protection.

c) You could buy a independent warranty to cover it in case. Or if you
use some credit cards, they give you a private coverage free if you buy
using it.

d) If Polaroid is bought, due to (a) above, it would be stupid for the
new owner to not cover repairs under warranty because it is just a bad
way to start taking over a customer base, as it would alienate
Polaroid's best scanner clients, those who already own a model.

e) The SS4000 is selling so inexpensively based upon its true value that
   even if you ended up buying two, you'd still be ahead based upon any
other current models out there in terms of features and scan quality.

In other words, I can see of no reason anyone wouldn't consider this
model if they did not own a scanner already.

Oh, last comment, I'm not sure Silverfast is necessary to get great
results from the SS4000, but it come cheaply in this case.


Thomas B. Maugham wrote:

 > I am considering the purchase of a film scanner and the Sprintscan
4000 has
 > been highly recommended, especially now that Silverfast comes with
it.  My
 > question to the group is: What are your experiences (good and bad)
with the
 > 4000 and should I be considering something else?
 > Thanks...
 > Tom

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