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Re: filmscanners: Sprintscan 120 focus/carriers


>> I have a problem with this (newish) scanner. In almost everything
>> I've scanned so far I'm getting very patchy focus across the files.

Strange and something that I have NOT noticed since I received my SS120 in
April of this year.

>> Anyone who has an SS120 will testify to the carriers' bad design;
>> they lack any cross bar or masking across the neg.

The original pre production had such bars and they were removed after
Polaroid got an ear bashing from testers. The cross bars were more of a
hindrance than a help.

> Is there a way of nailing focus in a scan, like
> the way we used a focus finder in the darkroom? Can you position the
> focus point manually in Silverfast Ai or Vuescan?

Can't speak or Vuescan focus, never tried that feature but SilverFast for
the Polaroid scanners does NOT allow you to pick a focus point.

>> Failing that, anyone know of a redesigned film carrier?

I have my 120 sized carrier fitted with AN glass on the top side. Except for
the unsupported edge the difference between glassless and glass is marginal.
Yes it is better but NOT something that I would rush out and spend $X,00 on.
Cutting the film and mounting it in slide carriers did NOT make any
difference so far as I could see.

If using Insigt you should ensure that the "Enable Autofocus on Final Scan"
is activated (see preferences dialog - scan tab)

Ian Lyons



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