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RE: filmscanners: Nikon Scan V3.1.2 For Windows and MAC

I`ll clear up the situation for Nikon Scan V3.1.2 before I get accused
of distrubuting virus`s. OK 2 weeks ago V3.1.2 of Nikon Scan and the new
Xp Driver set were posted on the Japanese Web Site.

Nikon Euro are usually the first to do the conversion. However around
three days ago I noticed that the US Digital site had the files on them.
I left it, yesterday I grabbed them, I posted them on my site and on my
ftp server for everyone to get because:

Nikon only have one site in the world with the english files on,
If you don't have DSL or ADSL or Leased Line it will take you forever to
get the files
Nikon limit the output in K/Sec from th site.

I am fed up with the lack of CS from Nikon with reference to Digital
products. Nikon Scan V3.1.2 is working much better for me under XP,
however if I prescan the LS-40 still does 2 passes?

If you want the files then point your browser to


James Grove
ICQ 99737573

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Subject: Re: filmscanners: Nikon Scan V3.1.2 For Windows and MAC

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Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2001 5:20 PM
Subject: RE: filmscanners: Nikon Scan V3.1.2 For Windows and MAC

> It's there. Honest it is: http://www.nikontechusa.com/Scan3_12.htm
> I just checked again, 7:45 EST -- I kid you not. I clicking on the 
> link even as I write this and it's asking me to save the file. I got 
> it and installed it last night. Works fine so far (Win2K/SP2). I 
> scanned three slides last night and NS 3.12 didn't crash (yet).


i don't doubt you for a moment.... :) have it now.. it's just that i
read James' post and went in to www.nikon.com and from there tried just
about every link... as i said... about an hour? including searches...
and just couldn't find it... must bookmark nikontech.... BTW... you
mentioned ages ago that you weren't having hassles on a dual processor
after doing a fresh install(am i right?) of w2k and then installing
NS.... just for your info... last week i reformatted and did a
completely fresh install of w2k.... also installed NS 3.1.1 but too
terrified to try it :) Now that i've downloaded 3.1.2 i don't know what
to do... uninstall 3.1.1 or over install? How did you go about it?



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