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Re: filmscanners:minolta and med format (questions, questions)


I got the impression that Multi Format Set is just a glassless carrier with 
mask you can cut yourself. Vuescan, which is avalable for 40 USD (I think)
does 2820 scan across an MF film, but covers just a 24 mm area. Vuescan can 
bed downloaded from www.hamrick.com/vsm.html for test. 

Did you consider using a flatbed scanner for MF?

I sort of consider buying the Scan Multi Pro, if I can afford it. On the 
other hand I do A3 prints from my 6x7 slides, and I don't think they lack in 


Erik Kaffehr

tisdagen den 18 december 2001 21.12 skrev du:
> Other than the info I cited, there are no pictures of the Universal Film
> Holder for any of the scanners or of the Milti Format Set accessory; what
> is worse is that I could find no specifications or detailed information on
> either.  You might want to check in your manual to see it says anything
> about the two since you say you have the Scan Multi Pro film scanner.  I
> only have the original Scan Multi and do not have either the upgraded
> software which they want to charge $100 for nor the Universal Film Holder
> which comes ith the software at an expensive price since I would find it a
> pain to have to do all the repositioning and stitching just to get the
> increased optical resolutions.
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