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RE: filmscanners:minolta and med format

> The hardware is perfectly capable of scanning a 40 mm wide piece
> of Medium Format film at 4800 dpi using the medium format film
> holders.  The key is that the lens moves in and out - it can scan
> 60 mm width at 4800 dpi or 40 mm width at 3200 dpi.

Alright, now I'm confused.  So is the lens moving if you scan 40mm wide or
60mm wide?  At what point, in terms of film width, does it start
> An existance proof of this capability is VueScan - set
> "Device|Mode" to either "MF 4800 dpi" or "MF 3200 dpi".
> It certainly is interpolating the CCD data from 3200 dpi to 4800 dpi.
> > Because it
> >  actually extracts more information from the film at 4800 
> dpi than it does 
> at
> >  3200 dpi.
> The stepper motor steps at 4800 dpi in this case.  The stepper
> motor is actually capable of 9600 dpi stepping, and uses a divisor
> of 2 to step at 4800 dpi and 3 to step at 3200 dpi.

So how does this work?  Is it actually obtaining more new data by doing

Paul Wilson


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