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RE: filmscanners: VueScan 7.3.5 color space bug?

Ed writes ...

> ...
> This is just too complicated for me - there are lots of different color
> space conversions, screen captures, Photoshop conversions, etc.

  It really isn't difficult.  With regard to the color space you embed to
the 'cropped' image, keep doing it like before.  With regard to Vuescan's
"preview" and "scan" presentations, you should associate "Vuescan" color
with whatever we select as monitor space ... and leave it to us to select
the color space which best matches our monitor (... but I do wish you'd
allow us to select something other than "sRGB" ... i.e., our actual display

  All else you'd need consider is "no double conversions" ... that is, what
is in Vuescan's color space (monitor space) is independent of the file color
space we choose to embed.  I.E.,

[Vuescan space]  == 'device RGB' => 'monitor space'
[embedded space] == 'device RGB' => 'file color space'


[embedded space] == 'device RGB' => 'monitor space' => 'file color space'

... else, we shall all take up a contribution and buy you an installation of
Photoshop ...*smile*...

cheerios ... shAf  :o)
Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland


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