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filmscanners: Re: Minolta Multi Pro with negs


Firstly, the question of Vuescan and the Minolta Multi
Pro. I, and others, have found that in practical terms
Vuescan does not work with the MSMP and firewire under
W2k. But apparently it works well with SCSI

Secondly, the MSMP native software seems to do a
pretty good job with colour negative film, although
you might have to fiddle a little with curves. Vuescan
is supossed to do a good job, too.


David Harris
 --- Tomasz Zakrzewski <tomzakrz@ka.onet.pl> wrote: >
I havent't put my hands on any filmscanner yet, I
> haven't seen any in action
> neither.
> That's why I have to ask this simple question:
> How one scans negs with scanning software from
> Minolta?. Does it have
> separate profiles for different neg types or is it
> done differently?
> I ask because currently I'm saving money to buy
> Minolta Multi Pro. I like
> almost every aspect of this machine, I'm only
> worried about the Minolta's
> software performance with negs, as I read "The
> Minolta scanner lacks any
> film terms for color negative film so the colors
> suck for scans from color
> negs" somewhere on the Net.
> 80% of my film material are negs, unfortunately.
> I can't verify if the above cited statement is
> exagerrated or is it true.
> If yes, than I can only count on VueScan's
> capabilities. But then I'm a
> little bit concerned about my chances for support
> from Ed Hamrick. I asked
> him two days ago how well VueScan supports the
> Minolta Multi Pro, if there
> are any incompabilities, but he doesn't feel like
> answering my question.
> I once made the mistake to ask Mr.Hamrick a
> non-VueScan related question and
> now he seems to treat me as a nuisance and avoids
> answering my e-mails.
> Mr.Hamrick, I promise not to ask you anymore about
> "what to choose" ! ;-)
> Anyway, coming back to my initial question: will I
> get good neg scan from
> Minolta Multi Pro?
> Regards
> Tomasz Zakrzewski

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