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Re: filmscanners: VueScan Histogram

On 12/16/01 8:03 AM, David Gordon <mail@davidgordon.co.uk>, wrote:

>Julian Vrieslander [julianv@mindspring.com] wrote on Sat, 15 Dec
>2001 00:33:41 -0500
>>Maybe with more experience I will get better at inspecting VueScan's 
>>displays and choosing the right values for WP, BP, and gamma.  But since 
>>these displays are not color managed, I also have to mentally compensate 
>>for how the image appearance is going to change when it goes into 
>What I see in the VueScan window is what I get in Photoshop - am I doing
>something right!

Maybe you are running on a PC and using sRGB as your color space.  If so, 
a color managed display is less important.  I run on a Mac with a gamma 
1.8 monitor, and I prefer to use Adobe RGB as my color space.  With 
VueScan set to Adobe RGB, images appear very different than how they 
appear in Photoshop: the VueScan version is very flat and desaturated.

I've figured out a workflow that gives me a somewhat more useful display 
in VueScan.  I set color space to Apple RGB and gamma 1.8 for my first 
look at the scan.  I set crop, exposure, white point, black point, 
brightness, and filter options, using Prev Mem and Scan Mem to check 
results in Apple RGB.  Then I change to Adobe RGB and gamma 2.2 (keeping 
other settings the same), and I do a Scan Mem to write the final output 
file.  This two-space two-step takes extra time, and it still does not 
give a really good match with what I see in Photoshop.  But it's the best 
I can do with the current version of VueScan.

Julian Vrieslander <mailto:julianv@mindspring.com>


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