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filmscanners: Vuescan clarification: "locking" options

  Before I install 7.3.3, and actually having a roll of film to apply this
procedure to ... I have a couple of questions  First, let me describe the
roll of film ... all frames taken under similar lighting, the 1st frame an
exposure of a calibration chart.  Referring to "Advance Workflow
... which states:

1) Set "Device|Media type"
2) Insert film with clearest area
3) If "Device|Lock exposure" visible
   3a) Clear "Device|Lock exposure"
4) Press "Preview" button
5) If cropping needs to be changed
   5a) Adjust cropping
   5b) Press "Prev mem" button
6) If "Device|Lock exposure" visible
   6a) Set "Device|Lock exposure"
   6b) Press "Preview" button
7) If "Device|Lock film color" visible
   7a) Set "Device|Lock film color

  ... let me paraphrase, with respect to 'my' roll of film, for
clarification ...

(1) Set all options for the "device" tab properly ... nothing on the "color"
tab will pertain to the raw scan.
(2) insert frame with color chart and include portion of "clear" negative
film between frames.
(3) make sure "exposure lock" is disabled
(4) Obtain preview simply for a visual for setting crop area (and for
focusing if "focus during preview" is the preference)
(5) adjust cropped area to include color chart and 'clear' negative film ...
and "preview memory" for determining the best exposure.
(6) Lock the exposure for all subsequent scans.

  Question: For scanning into raw files only, without any previewing, now is
the time to (a) change the cropped area to "maximum" ... (b) change focus
over to "before scan" ... (c) set "files" tab for saving raw scans only and
into a preferred directory ... (d) is it possible to save these settings?
... and finally (e) insert frames to be scanned, and simply clik on 'scan'

  (... Can I paraphrase steps 6b, 7, & 7a as "If you want to also lock
color, then another preview is necessary before locking the color"? ...)

  Now that I have all the raw scans and my intention is to "lock the color"
...OUCH!... I now see a problem with this procedure.  That is ... with
device set to 'disk', there is ^no^ option for "locking the color"!!!  I
would think it ought be there(?)  That is, I now have properly exposed raw
scans, and haven't opted for any color processing yet ... why isn't
determining the proper color (with the color chart frame scan) and locking
the color an option???

shAf  :o)

genuinely ... michael shaffer  :o)
Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland


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