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Re: filmscanners: Nikon 8000ED nightmares!!!

> I had similar results with my 4000ED.  How to address it depends on 
> how you have color management set up in the preferences dialog.
> If you have color management ON, then first go into the color
> management tab in preferences and make sure that the monitor profile
> it shows is the one you're actually using.  If not then change it.
What about if I have color management *OFF*?  I'd like to keep it off if
possible, to keep the scan times lower.
Since my initial post, I've stumbled on to something.  If I select "Apple
RGB" in Photoshop...and "Apple RGB" in NikonScan, the colors look good.
However, if I change Photoshop to "Adobe 1998 RGB" and keep NikonScan as
"Apple RGB", colors/saturation are horrible.  And if I keep NikonScan at
"Adobe 1998 RGB" and change Photoshop to "Adobe 1998RGB", the colors are
still horrible.

Interesting.  So far, the only combination I've found that works is the
"Apple RGB" for both Photoshop and NikonScan.

Thanks for your help, Bill.  I sure can use it.  I am a color management
"greenhorn".  ;-)

Joyfully,  -david soderman- <><  


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