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Re: filmscanners: X-ray scanners/etc

Doug Segar wrote:

  > Just another  comment about lead lined bags and X-ray scanner
intensity.  It is true that SOME but by no means all these scanners do
increase the X-ray dosage slightly (it still must be very low for health
safety reasons) if the scanner sees opaque objects.  However, camera
bodies and lenses are dense enough to create this response, so putting
your film in a lead lined bag does not actually result in higher X-ray
intensity than would otherwise be used on a camera bag with both cameras
and film inside.


There is a new X-ray machine in use in many "first world" countries, and
known problem areas, which is used for CHECKED IN luggage.  It raises
the X-Ray levels until it can penetrate most things, including most
standard lead lined bags.  However, there are now new bags made by the
same company which they claim are thick enough to block even the new
machines highest setting.  What occurs in this case, is your luggage get
kicked out of the line up, you are called in and they are hand inspected
in your presence.  Of course, if you miss your flight or your luggage
does, that's just too bad.



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