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RE: filmscanners: Nikon 8000/ digital ICE, was: Scanner Buying Di lemma

Mike, using a Saved Setting in NS, you can setup ICE, ROC and GEM settings
to any defaults you like.

First, tweak all the controls in all the palettes to the values you want
(e.g. ICE Normal, ROC 0, GEM 2).

Then, save the setting (on the Settings menu).  I have a setting called
"Negative Standard".  You will notice that your setting has appeared at the
bottom of the Settings menu.

Now use the "Set User Settings" menu option.  This tells NS to use your
chosen settings as the default.  Now, no matter what you do with the NS (in
terms of tweaks for individual scans) your setting ("Negative Standard") is
now the default for all scans.

You have to perform these steps with a film strip loaded in the motorised
adaptor (or with the slide adaptor loaded).  When a filmstrip is in the
motorised adaptor, you should eject the filmstrip after using the Set User
Settings menu option.  Then, when you reload it, you will find each frame of
the strip has your required default.

I dunno if the manual explains this very well, but I didn't twig this until
I'd played around quite a lot.  Once you get it, it's exceedingly useful.

And, oh yeah, ROC (1) is wonderful a lot of the time for odd lighting.
Sometimes it's too much but it gives you some of that "auto white balance"
functionality you get with digicams...

(Started scanning again, today.  I've got a backlog of 1800 messages - good
to read when one is scanning - erm, except for the tedious arguments.  Not
been scanning for a few months now, because of my new Digicam.  Nearly 5000
digicam pix in 3 months, drat, filmscanning is such a chore.)

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> Subject: RE: filmscanners: Nikon 8000/ digital ICE, was: Scanner Buying
> Di lemma
> To Jack Phipps,
> >The real application for Digital ROC is for faded images. Check out:
> >http://www.asf.com/products/roc/filmROC.shtml where there is a
> picture of an
> >old car before and after Digital ROC. It is also helpful when you have
> >unusual lighting (tungsten or fluorescent).
> >
> I'd appreciate a weaker setting on my Nikon IV too.  When I used ROC on a
> tungsten exposed Kodak Max400 negative, I got too much blue noise. The
> color was much better, but with a little too much blue.
> I would like the default setting of ROC to be off.  I use GEM a lot, but I
> have to turn ROC off for nearly all my scans.
> Mike Duncan


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