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filmscanners: Nikon VS Canon scanner

Last picture regarding Nikon LS 4000 vs Canon 4000 ppi scanner.
Canon scanner have some convergence problem in  right corner compare to 
Nikon LS 4000 scanner.

My conclusion regarding the 2 scanners.

Canon scanner  together with Vuescan are in Sweden the 1/2 price of a Nikon 
LS 4000  with NikonScan 3.1 and Silverfast  .( Price in US$ Canon about 790 
and Nikon LS 4000 about 1790 incl. VAT)
Canon are hopeless slow   to work with compare to Nikon Ls 4000.
Nikon have manual film handling  , quick and easy
The resolution and sharpness are equal between the 2 scanners  if Nikon film 
are mounted in a glass frame.
Canon handle un glassed film better, and have no problem with curved film , 
as Nikon have who are sharp in some areas and unsharp in others.
Canon can mybe be  quicker if scussi interface are used.    I don't know.  
Silverfast + Canon not tested.  Silverfast are fast and the  best mid end 
scanner  software , but expensive.
Nikon LS4000 have better shadows and color  nuances than Canon.
Canon have some convergence problem, shows on vertical lines out at right 
side of test negative
Canons own software    rely stinks   and I hope they can better.

If I had the  time!!!!!!!   The number one choice for the money is the Canon 
scanner together with Vuescan.

Mikael Risedal

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