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Re: filmscanners: VueScan Viewer(Mac)


Unstuff the attached file. You'll end up with a small application 
that changes the Creator Code of files to Photoshop.

Drag and drop one of your TIFF files onto it.  Then see if 
double-clicking on your file makes it open in Photoshop.


At 9:54 PM -0500 18-11-01, Larry wrote:
>I have not been able to make the external view use photoshop for
>opening up the tif files from vuescan (version 7.2.7) on a Macintosh
>I have changed the information in the file exchange control panel to
>indicate that photoshop should open a .tiff or .tif extension but the
>icon still shows to be a quicktime icon and opens in quicktime picture
>I have always saved the cropped tif files from vuescan to disk and
>then opened them with photoshop.  I have never been able to get file
>exchange to work.  If I double clicked a .tif file it would open in
>I am using system 9.1
>Has anyone made it work.

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