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filmscanners: Pre-scan viewer = Fotovix

> The other option is to see if you can find one of the nicer systems 
> which was made by Tamron.  You might find these used rather cheaply as
> well.  It was a video transfer system for film, using a macro lens,
> backlighted platform, and an electronic color filtering system of some
> sort and used a CCD chip video sensor.  They actually weren't bad,
> although the resolution wasn't anything to write home about.  But the
> main advantage is that this is direct "real time" type of viewing, no
> scanning no processing.

It was called the Fotovix made by Tamron.  They came out with several
models, but the "IIX-S" was the best model by far.  Unfortunately, they were
discontinued about a year or two ago.  They were all the rage with
professional wedding photographers a few years back.  You may be able to
find one on E-Bay or some such place.  As far as finding a "cheap" one, that
remains to be seen.  I've seen them out there running as high as 1-2 K or

Joyfully,  -david soderman- <><


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