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Re: filmscanners: Cleaning HP S20... Art?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for thinking of me ;-)

Unfortunately, HP did not make me privy of the materials in use within 
this scanner, nor did I dismantle mine to test the options.

As someone else suggested, contacting HP's tech people might prove most 
effective, as they might know the answers you are seeking.

I have been told the lens is glass not plastic.  All front surface 
mirrors are very vulnerable to scratching, so be very careful when 
cleaning them.


Richard Dellman wrote:

> After having my S20 for a year, using the blower on the glass lens isn't
> enough to get rid of a visible build-up of dirt... obviously affecting
> scans - yet the little manual is quite emphatic about not touching it or
> using anything other than air.
> I'm not sure if its glass or plastic so am worried about using any cleaning
> agent.. or even a lens cleaning tissue.
> I'm wondering if the warnings are just to discourage careless and rough
> treatment . .and that the lens is actually robust enough to be gently
> cleaned...
> I know Art has a lot of experience with this scanner... I'd appreciate your
> suggestions..
> Richard
> .


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