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filmscanners: RE: iCorrect

BTW, the credit card screen does not show the usual Secure lock, so I was at
first hesitant to place the order.  It turns out this is caused by frames on
the order form.  If you look at the status line while pointing at the "Place
Secure Order" button, you'll see that's it's going to a secure https: site.
If you open that form in a separate window (right-click on the button and
select open in a new window), bypassing the frames, you'll see the secure
lock icon.

By all means, press the Back button before pressing "Place Secure Order" to
get the 10% discount for being indecisive about the purchase :-).


> From: Skip Williams [mailto:skipwilliamsscan@hotmail.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 2:50 PM
> You might want to look at iCorrect at 
> http://www.picto.com/icorrect/default.htm.
> I just bought a copy yesterday, and it's very nice for things 
> like flesh 
> tones.  Highly recommended by Ian Lyons on at 
> http://www.rgbnet.co.uk/ilyons/icorrect/icorrect.htm.
> If you do buy:  A good hint: if you go to buy the package at 
> $99 and then 
> abort the purchase after entering data onto the credit card 
> screen, it will 
> give you an immediate 10% discount.  So that's $89 final 
> price.  I don't 
> know where to abort, it was a nice accident for me.


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