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Re: filmscanners: Best digital archive medium for scans?

Hi, Mark--

I tend to disagree--storage *is* a scanning issue in the Real World. You 
have to put them somewhere, and Hard Drives are fallible, too.

PC World (I got my copy just 2 hours ago) has some comments on DVD-RW and 
DVD-RAM. Not enough info, IMO, but a start. DVD holds a lot of data (up to 
14 MB). Down side: if it goes bad, you *lose* a lot of data!

AFAICT, there's no clear-cut "winner" for storage--maybe the answer is to 
buy 2 or 3 recording machines--one to use, one for backup, and one for 
parts. Not too practical, is it? More likely than media obsolescence is 
*format* obsolescence. My only answer is to store on more than one disc and 
if you can, store on more than one medium and more than one format. And keep 
your original film in a safe place, because there's some chance that you or 
someone will have to do this again in 10 or 20 years.

The scrolls in the Library of Alexandria, I'm told, were burned to heat the 
baths of the conquering generals. OTOH, my record as a new Nostrodamus is 
not perfect, either. Looking in either direction, the permanence of anything 
we know is still a crapshoot. :-)

Best regards--LRA

>From: "Mark Edmonds" <mmje@mmje.demon.co.uk>
>Reply-To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
>To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
>Subject: filmscanners: Best digital archive medium for scans?
>Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 19:01:11 +0100
>Hello folks,
>Although this isn't strictly a scanning issue, I suspect other list members
>have thought about this as well and adopted solutions.
>Basically, I am looking for a long term (20 years+) storage medium to
>archive my scans on. I don't have faith in CDR and tapes are also prone to
>long term problems so the only solution I can see is a magneto optical 
>Another problem is that it is all well and good to have a bomb proof medium
>but it is no good if no one makes the hardware to read it in a few years
>So is there a clear cut winner out there? The two affordable options I am
>looking at are either the Iomega Optical drive or the Panasonic DVD-RAM. 
>Iomega seems to support a format which has some penetration in the market
>but the DVD-RAM looks like it might not have got very far. I am running
>NT4.0 by the way.
>Any advice on this matter gratfully received!

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