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RE: filmscanners: Colour depth: 16 bit versus 16 bit linear?

In Minolta's language, the 16-bit lineal is a pure and simple raw scan using
no gamma corrections or any other tone, color or inversing corrections at
all, including any corrections for color negative masks; the 16-bit scan
does do some basic corrections like autofocus ( if selected ), gamma
adjustments to the gamma setting you select, application of color mask
filters, and reversing of negatives into positives.  Both produce 48bit tiff
files (16 bits per RBG channel) which results in a smoother more defined
historogram containing more raw information than is the case for 24-bit  ( 8
bits per RBG channel) scans.   The difference is that a lineal scan is the
more basic of the two in that it applies no curves at all to adjust for
gamma and no color mask filters.

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Subject: filmscanners: Colour depth: 16 bit versus 16 bit linear?

Please can someone throw some light on this for me. My Minolta ScanSpeed
software has a setting for 16 bit or 16 bit linear colour depth but the help
file doesn't give any indication of exactly what the difference is. I'd
really like to understand what the difference is and why you should use one
setting or the other. Any ideas please?

Thanks in advance,



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