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filmscanners: Polaroid 120 carrier doesn't line up

This has been brought up before, but I don't rememberr a solution.  There
probably wasn't one.  When I put a strip of 5 Pentax 645 negatives in the
carrier, the only one that can be scanned is the first one.  My spacing
between negatives is apparently not what Polaroid decided the spacing should
be.  When I specify negative 5 for a preview, I get half of 4 and half of
five with a lovely big bar in the middle.  The solution seems to be to cut
your stips into one negative each.  No batch scanning and no support on one
side.  If this is to be the way it is, so be it.  Cancer and heart attacks
are worse, although I have had neither.

I like the Polaroid 120, although I have one little irritation and that is
that the negative carrier really does not want to go in without a great deal
of twiddling.  Makes me think I am going to break something when I put the
pressure on to force it a little, which is what Polaroid tech support says to
do.  Anyone have any ideas on this.  When I had trouble as a kid in similar
situations my father used to say that it was because I was not
holding my mouth right.

I am going to buy another scanner a flatbed, 1200 by 2400 with a transparency
adapter to use for contact prints.  One of those with a 4 x 5 film
transparency adapter.  Canon has one for 300 and Umax for 200.  Any advice?

It is obvious that I have all questions, and no answers.


Jim Sillars  { one of those people hoping Polaroid does not go broke}


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