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filmscanners: Problem with SA-20 Adaptor for Nikon LS-2000

I am having a problem with the SA-20 Strip Film Adaptor for the Nikon 
LS-2000 Film Scanner that I hope someone on this list can help me solve.

The SA-20 adaptor is supposed to handle strips with 2 to 6 frames.  When I 
first started using the scanner I was using film strips of 5 frames as cut 
by my processor.  I have switched to cutting film myself to strips with 6 
frames each (I like being able to store a 36 frame roll on one 6x6 sheet).

Since switching to 6 frame strips I have encountered a problem with the 
loading of the strip with the SA-20.  When the strip is inserted the 
mechanism will grab it and feed it into the SA-20.  When it stops feeding, 
more than half the time the status LED will flash rapidly for a second or 
two and then the LS-2000 is basically frozen (i.e., the software, either 
NikonScan or VueScan can't access/control the strip, even to eject).  In 
order to get the strip out, I have found that if I unseat the SA-20 from 
the LS-2000 then reinsert it, it will eject the film, at which time I try 
the process again (after the ejection motor stops running).  It can take 
several attempts to finally have the strip "accepted" and start the scanning.

I never seemed to have this problem with 5 frame length strips.  I have 
found that trimming the border at the beginning and end of the 6 frame 
strips to the minimum improves the chances it will feed properly.  So I 
believe the problem is related to the length of the strip.

I don't think it is a "software" problem, but rather some mechanical 
limitation.  I've cleaned the SA-20 per the manual, but no change is apparent.

I am usually able to get the strips to eventually feed, but it can take 
five to ten frustrating minutes.

Is anyone aware of a potential adjustment or fix that might help?

Thanks for your inputs.


P.S. I covet to roll adaptor for the LS-4000


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