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Re: filmscanners: Filmscanners- comparison of Nikon LS4000 withCanon/Polariod 4000

>       My use will be to scan for archive, and for high resolution 
>prints (Epson 1270 up to A3), of some valuable older Kodachrome (a 
>few Ectachrome) slides.  I'll also be scanning new slides and 
>negatives.  Most are in good shape (fairly clean, a few dust spots 
>but seldom scratches); I use an airbrush to clean off dust as well 
>as possible.  I tried a demo Nikon LS-30 for a week and got some 
>good Kodachrome scans with color saturation using VueScan as well as 
>the Nikon software, but decided to wait for a 4000 dpi scanner.
>       My intended use probably is not too different from many on 
>the list, any comments on the comparison of the scanners will be of 
>               Regards,
>               Bob

It's the same use - except that my old slides are not in good shape - 
for which I recently got Polaroid's Sprint Scan 4000. So far - not 
very far - so good. I preferred the 4000 to the Nikon partly because 
I already have an Epson XL836 flatbed scanner on which I use 
Silverfast 5. And I was concerned not to add software to my life 
unnecessarily. I've also found it helpful that Polaroid's David 
Hemingway is on this list and other lists. And I got the impression 
when Nikon's new scanner was the 2000 that they were not responsive 
to the problems users had with their film or slide (I forget which) 



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