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Re: filmscanners: exposing C41 for scanning ( was gibberish header)

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001 10:14:56 +1000  =?iso-8859-1?Q?Rob=20Geraghty?= 
(harper@wordweb.com) wrote:

> I presume you're talking C41 films here, Tony?  I also presume you're 
> saying
> that exposing a C41 400ASA film at EI320 "improves" the results but 
> doesn't
> require any special treatment at the lab?

Yes, C41, processed normally. ISO ratings are often a bit optimistic, and 
an extra half-stop or so can help reduce grain and add separation in 
shadow areas by adding some density. The overlapping dye clouds softens 
the appearance of grain boundaries. There's usually plenty of latitude to 
accomodate this without running into highlight blocking.

Generally, if you are seeing green-blue speckle in shadows from colour neg 
(look like CCD noise, but can't be - CCD noise in negs afflicts   
highlights, the densest part of the film, and manifests as yellow/magenta 
speckle), giving a little more neg exposure will reduce this dramatically, 
as the overlapping dye clouds don't alias as badly.

Incidentally Rob, could you take a look under the hood of your mail 
client. It appears to be your replies which are introducing the 'enhanced' 
subject lines to list threads. I don't know why exactly, something MIME 
related - see the last line below, the listserver is converting your msgs 
to plain text.

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Tony Sleep
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