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Re: filmscanners: A GOOD nikon 8000 scan...

At 11:43 PM 6/25/01 -0400, Lawrence Smith wrote:
>I regularly post images to a critique page on my site.  The current image is
>one that I did using the new 8000.  This particular scan does not have
>visible banding (well that you can see on the screen anyway).  If anyone
>wants to take a look it's at http:www.lwsphoto.com  Click on the Critique
>button.  I was very happy with the scan.  Really held the luminance of the
>645 transparency very well...  As for the photo, you can make up your own
>mind about it's merits ;-)

So what's to critique?  It's beautiful.

OK, here's my critique:

You forgot the "//" after "http:" in the url you gave above.

rafe b.


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