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Re: filmscanners: Skin tones

In a message dated 6/18/2001 1:42:44 PM EST, bradbury@on.aibn.com writes:

> The result compared to Nikonscan 3.1 can be seen at
>  http://www.littlebarn.com/test/index.htm
>  After autolevel and curve correction in Photoshop I get an image from
>  Vuescan that is better than Nikon Scan.
>  Question to Ed: would it be possible to achieve the end result without 
>  through PS?

The reason the image is too dark is that you have bright sky
in the background, and VueScan is preserving detail in the
sky (it's blue in the first VueScan result and white in the other
results).  Increase "Color|White point (%)" to get more brightness
in the foreground, possibly to 2 to 5%.

Experiment with reducing "Color|Gamma" to improve the color and
skin tones.

These two things should let you reproduce your Photoshop results.

If you e-mail me the raw scan file for this image,
I'll look into whether there's something I can do in VueScan
to make this improved contrast be the default (I may have
something incorrect in the default contrast that's used
when generic film type or restore colors is used).

(You can produce a raw scan file by turning on the
"Files|Output raw file" option.)

Ed Hamrick


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