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Re: OT: Re: filmscanners: open and control

If it is any encouragement, I've heard of an outfit
somewhere that re-spools 120 onto 620 rolls. Sadly, I
don't know the name, but at least you know the search
won't be in vain.


--- Richard Starr <Richard.Starr@valley.net> wrote:
> --- You wrote:
> The Super Six-20 was a folding camera, if I'm not
> mistaken. If that's what Rich
> is talking about, it's pretty rare and worth at
> least $1000, according to my
> book. In that case, I'd *definitely* like to take a
> look at it! :-)
> Best regards--LRA
> --- end of quoted material ---
> I was taking about the Medalist II as it turns out. 
> I checked Ebay and they
> are running for a couple of hundred dollars as it
> appears.
> Can you still get 620 film?
> Rich

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