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Re: filmscanners: Fast, decent, low res scans

Phil wrote:

> I can't use this scanner on my Mac G4 without paying almost $300 additional 
>for a new Mac compatible SCSI card.
Ouch! I don't think that I, for one, realized that Phil's G4 wouldn't use a 
standard SCISI card. Aparently, Acer didn't, either.

Phil, if I can apologize, I certainly do. Fortunately (I hope), you can return 
the Acer and replace it with a USB scanner. 

G**d**n*d electronics! Get your sabots to the ready, you Fellow Ludites!

Best regards, and good luck--LRA

On Wed, 06 Jun 2001 15:18:28  
 Phil wrote:
>Hello All,
>Two weeks ago I e-mailed the list to ask you all about making fast, decent
>low res scans.
>I went ahead and purchased the Acer Scanwit 2740S.
>I spent the first half of this day struggling with SCSI drivers and Acer
>scanning software.  I could not get the scanner to work.  Finally, I called
>It turns out that the SCSI PCI card they include with the scanner only works
>on PCs!!!!  I can't use this scanner on my Mac G4 without paying almost $300
>additional for a new Mac compatible SCSI card.
>I'm really really upset now.  I'm struggling with Acer "Customer Service" on
>the telephone.
>I believe that Acer should indicate somewhere- on their website, in the
>scanner's instruction manuals, anywhere at all, that their PCI SCSI card is
>useless in a Mac.  The "Customer Service" woman herself is telling me now
>that "it should work!"  This is because even at Acer itself, there is no
>indication anywhere, on literature or electronically, that although the
>2740S is Mac "compatible," it can't use the Acer SCSI card included with the
>scanner.  The retailers don't know this either- but since retail sales
>people often don't know much about technical specs anyway, they rely on the
>information given to them by the manufacturer- i.e. Acer.
>I am very upset, and sorry to share this negative feeling with other human
>beings.  If someone has some Zen philosophy to share with me, I would
>appreciate it.

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