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filmscanners: VueScan 7.0.16 Available

I just released VueScan 7.0.16 for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
It can be downloaded from:


I've fixed the problem with the frame spacing with the negative
holder in the Nikon LS-40/LS-4000.

People using the SprintScan 35+ or ScanWit to scan negatives will
be pleased to note that I fixed a bug that caused colors (especially
reds) to be excessively saturated.  The problem was much more
evident with the SprintScan 35+ than the ScanWit, but both bugs
were caused by the same underlying problem.  Neither scanner
can change the CCD exposure time for red, green and blue, but
VueScan was trying to equalize the rgb colors using a downloadable
lookup table (i.e. trying to make the orange mask close to grey).
It turns out that this messed up the color correction matrix, which
assumed that the colors were being equalized by changing the
CCD exposure time for each color.  It's hard to explain why this
was a problem, but it was, and it's fixed.

What's new in version 7.0.16

  * Improved color correction of negative scans on
    Acer, AGFA SnapScan, and SprintScan 35+ scanners

  * Added support for frame offset on LS-40/LS-4000

  * Added support for APS adapter on LS-40/LS-4000

  * Added support for HP 5200C

  * Added support for older 3-pass Microtek scanners
    including Microtek 35t film scanner

Ed Hamrick


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