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RE: filmscanners: Noise correction algorithms

At 09:16 AM 1/05/01 +0200, Jerry wrote:
>I noticed that the HP S20 software was able to paint e.g. in red all pixels
>that were being clipped by current histogram mapping settings. To me this
>seemed a handy feature, but no other software took over that idea.
>It seems that if you can show the user which data is being clipped or is being
>considered pixels-to-be-cleaned cq, IR-opaque-pixels, the user would be able
>to precisely control if the correct pixels are cleaned. This would be a good
>feature for any owner of a filmscanner without IR.

It certainly would..

>Small problem is that you have to do a full-resolution pre-view

Why not a *tiny* full-resolution preview?!?  Thumbs Plus has had this 
feature for years - when saving JPEGs, a small part of the full-res image 
appears in a scrollable preview window.  You can flip from original image 
to compressed version instantly to see the effects of different compression 
levels, and of course you can also scroll it to view whatever area you 
want.  A great feature that I don't see very often, but I would like to!

>..I wonder: does anybody understand what I am trying to get

I think I do, so there is at least one.. :)


P.S.  Ed, if you're listening, when are you going to at least tell us 
you're *thinking about* separating the grain reduction and dust/scratch 
algorithms?  :)


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