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Re: filmscanners: AcerScanwit

At 01:48 PM 5/04/01 -0400, you wrote:
>> What part and how big a part would resolution and reproduction size play
>>in this scenario? Inquiring minds want to know. :-)
>...misregistration of the separate IR pass is
>purely theoretical -- Ed Hamrick and Acer have confirmed that it *could*
>happen, but AFAIK nobody's seen it happen yet. So far I've done about 6
>rolls and it's been spot on, every time. It would depend on how accurate the
>Scanwit can position the carrier.
>I'm sure someone here will be willing to speculate, though. :)

And you were right!  As I think I have mentioned on this list before, I
would have thought it would be fairly easy for the scanner software to
identify a few dark spots from the IR scan, and then look for a match in
the 'real' scan.  I mean, isn't that what it does (in a different way) for

It's easy to do this sort of stuff if you're not the programmer..:)


Mark Thomas   markthom@camtech.net.au


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