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Re: filmscanners: Yo Tokyo

Tony, I am intrigued by your last sentence, about balancing the sky areas. I have some elderly images that have faded with a distinct horizontal gradient. Since they were precious images of my first visit to the UK, I would like to be able to take out that gradient better than I managed last night. I'd like a little coaching on that score, especially if something like that was your problem.

At 01:18 PM 03/15/2001 +0000, you wrote:
On Thu, 15 Mar 2001 08:27:14 -0000  Dicky (corbettr@dircon.co.uk) wrote:

> > because he is nervous of photographer-supplied scans.
> Oh! surely not...... (:-)

The whole place appears covertly ICM-unaware, so they have had some very
strange results from untagged images. They blame this on digital images in
general. Attempts to have a discussion about ICM are, uh, difficult : they know
it's something they should know about, but so as not to appear ignorant, they
are evasive and turn it into a debate about the aesthetic superiority of
prints (which neatly subcontracts the problem). However they did look at the
scans on a calibrated screen and said 'these look fine'. Whether they summoned
up the courage to actually use them this time I don't know, but what appeared
in the mag looked to be identical. I'll only be able to tell for sure when I
get a closer look - there were a couple which I worked on quite a bit to
balance the sky areas.


Tony Sleep
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