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Re: filmscanners: vuescan questions (different ones)

1.    My results on the Nikon LS-30 have been best with manual crop.  The
corner location is manual, but that means I can set it where I want.

2.    I don't think so.  The crop you select is the only one used for that
scan, whether it is for raw file only or TIF or JPG or any combination.

3.    By now you've seen the answer to this from Ed Hamrich.

4.    I've never really experimented with this.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Jules" <jules@popmonkey.com>
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 12:03 AM
Subject: filmscanners: vuescan questions (different ones)

| i have an LS-2000 and VueScan 6.7.5
| i finally learned how to use it (VS) after a few weeks of experimention
| and man does it kick NikonScan's butt.
| but i have some questions:
| 1. cropping seems to be off, i lose about 1% of the image on the long
| side.  that's with everything on auto.  if i select the crop size to
| 35mm slide it's too small, 35mm film is too big (everything i scan is
| mounted so the original is irrelevant).  if i use manual, it looks like
| the corner location of the crop is also manual.  is there a way i can
| set the size of the crop manually but have it positioned automatically
| (so i can do batch scanning this way)
| 2. what if i want to batch scan and output crop files but i don't want
| the raw file cropped?  is there a way to do this?  (i want to be able to
| walk away and come back and have a batch of crops and scans (raws) but i
| want to be able to redo the crops if they're overcropped, for example,
| but right now even the raw is cropped).
| 3. it would be really nice if the user interface somehow told you what
| options affect the raw file and which don't.  is there a list?
| 4. i'm using "generic" even for print film.  when i scanned some
| ektapress pj100 and applied that media setting the images were way too
| light.  using the generic setting gives me more of the saturated pj100 i
| expect.  (problem is i never saw this film printed from film directly,
| i've always just scanned it, so i'm not sure what it's actually supposed
| to look like! <g>).  my question is, when do you REALLY want to use the
| media settings other than generic?
| that's it for now, i think.  thanks in advance.
| --
| j u l e s @ p o p m o n k e y . c o m
| http://www.popmonkey.com/jules


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