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Re: filmscanners: OT but interesting - Interview with Jay Maisel


I haven't been following the 1270/orange shift issue and never thought to 
bring it up to Jay. I assume he would have mentioned it had he felt it was 
a problem. He was very free with his feelings about all the issues we spoke 


>Larry Berman wrote:
> >We've just finished an interview with Jay Maisel
>Yes, that was very interesting. He sounds to be a fan of inkjet prints off 
>the Epson 1270, but no mention of the "orange shift". I am probably not up 
>to date on this topic, but is that problem more or less solved?
>A similar colour shift, to reddish-brown, is even occuring on some of the 
>prints off my Stylus Color 600, over only a few months, and they certainly 
>are not exposed to much light, in fact they are in an envelope most of the 
>time. It might be a particular batch of Epson Photo Paper, S041140, not 
>sure yet, but more prints have been done on this and another brand of 
>paper as a control.
>It's very disappointing to pull out one's prints and see these changes. 
>They are only good for the rubbish bin.
>Colin Maddock

Larry Berman

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